These functions are offered to help you import and re-export vegawidget functions in your package. For more detail, please see this article.

use_vegawidget(s3_class_name = NULL)




character, name of an S3 class for object to be coerced to a vegaspec; default (NULL) implies no additional class


invisible NULL, called for side effects



Adds vegawidget functions:

In practical terms:

  • adds vegawidget to Imports in your package's DESCRIPTION file.

  • adds V8, withr, fs, rsvg, and png to Suggests in your package's DESCRIPTION file.

  • creates R/utils-vegawidget.R

  • you can delete references to functions you do not want to re-export.

If you have your own S3 class for a spec, specify the s3_class_name argument. You will have to edit R/utils-vegawidget-<s3_class_name>.R:

  • add the code within your class's method for to coerce your object to a vegaspec.

To permit knit-printing of your custom class, you will have to add some code to your package's .onLoad() function.


If you want to add the JavaScript and Shiny functions, use this after running use_vegawidget(). It adds:

In practical terms:

  • adds shiny, dplyr, to Suggests.

  • creates R/utils-vegawidget-interactive.R.

  • at your discretion, delete references to functions you do not want to re-export.